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These resources can help anyone who wants to become more self-aware, improve their emotional intelligence, and more successfully communicate about challenging feelings.

The Family Foundations Set includes:

  • Making Friends With Feelings 10x10 hardback book
  • Family Guide
  • Adult Program* 

The storybook is for children ages 3-8 and the adults who love them. We've also heard from many adults that they refer back to the book and continue learning new concepts, too! See our stellar professional reviews on

The Family Guide helps families establish healthy communication patterns about challenging feelings. With consistency and practice, the adults and children can become better prepared for the complicated challenges that show up during adolescence.

*Launching in 2024. The Adult Program is a three-part video series about creating a safe space for you and your family to practice being vulnerable. See product page to pre-order program access.

Check out each item below, or if you prefer to chat through, contact Beth here.

Making Friends with Feelings 10"x10" Book
Making Friends with Feelings 10"x10" Book $18.99
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Family Guide to Making Friends with Feelings
Family Guide to Making Friends with Feelings $14.99
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