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About Happiness

March 02, 2020 3 min read

Peace. Love. Neugroove.

Be happy.
Choose happy.
Make yourself happy.
Find your happy place. 

Sometimes, the simple challenge of “being happy” can feel like a confrontation.
Like pressure, if you are simply not happy at any given moment.
Or a judgement, at the moment you are not “wearing” your happy face.
These times, happy can be a hard word to hear others talk about.
The word happy can actually make you angry!
Especially when it feels like it is expected of you, by others around you.
Or when you expect it of yourself.
Especially in the moments when you are just not feeling any of it.

My life changed when I learned something new 25 years ago.
It was super hard to hear then
Because I was still frequently staring down depression from under the covers.
And had been, for 10 years leading up to that life-changing conversation.

The angel who taught me this changed the course of my life.
I know that he was placed in my life at just the moment I needed him.
For his continued presence in my world, and his timely wisdom,
I am eternally grateful.
In our talks, he pressed me gently, and with relentless patience.
With an enduring brotherly love that felt quite unfamiliar at the time.
Eventually, I softened and started to listen to this wise sage. 

I learned that I am the only one who can make myself happy.
It’s not about any lover, any job..
Any friendship made or lost, any sport lost or won.
It all starts from within.
I learned that what’s “within” is literally the only thing within my control. 

And now after 25 years of knowing this,
I finally believe down in the deepest part of my soul…
That the interpretation of happy, and the path to individual happiness,
Depends greatly on one’s state of mind,
And should be allowed to evolve as you do. 

So what does happiness mean to you, today?

To me, it means an enduring feeling of love toward myself.
Trusting myself to find my way back in the moments life feels off-track.
Trusting myself to find peace in my mind, no matter what happens around me.
And finally realizing that I can accept amazing depths of love from others
Because I learned to love myself first.

Today, this is what “be happy” means to me.
And, this life-long evolution is why I started Neugroove.
To celebrate new ways of being, thinking, and living. 

The last two years, I have been getting more comfortable with being uncomfortable.
I am not there yet, as I am still quite uncomfortable as I consider sharing all of this. 

But I am on a journey, and as “they” say..
You don’t need to know your destination
To know you’re on the right path.
I know I am.

I am ok with the path evolving as I do.
That is the adventure and magic of life.
It’s time to step out of my latest comfort zone and find the next one.
By “simply” sharing more of me with more of you.

Thank you for making the time to consider my thoughts on happiness.
However, I truly do not enjoy a 1-way monologue.
I genuinely desire a 2-way dialogue.

I want to hear all about your Neugroove…
How are you thinking and living, or just being, differently?
What journey are you on?
I want to hear and be inspired by all of your adventures, too!
The Neugroove FB page is a great place for that. 
Or, email me (
Or, let me know if you'd like to be a guest blogger.

As you may know, my adventure takes me to Costa Rica next weekend.
My presentation time has changed. It is now at 10:30 AM Sunday, the 8th.
I hope to FB Live my part of the event from my Neugroove FB account.
To watch online, connect with Neugroove on Facebook if you have not already.

Also, our limited run of Costa Rica t-shirts just arrived.
The colors are stunning and energizing!
Check them out on the Products page of

Much love and happiness to you all.
Peace. Love. Neugroove.


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