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Making Friends with Feelings: 8.5"x8.5" Hardback Pre-order

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We are so excited to announce our first picture book! While the story is written for children ages 4-8, we believe that many adults can also benefit  from the story's simplified lessons in compassion, understanding, kindness, and empathy. 


Have you ever been so scared, or sad, or angry that you didn’t know what to do? This happens to everyone sometimes. Even bunnies!

Molly arrives at her new home and wants to be friends with the other two bunnies who live there. She notices one bunny looks sad, so she asks him if he’s okay. 

Feeling comforted, Buddy decides to trust Molly and share his story. The day before, Buddy was sad but acted in an angry way toward his best friend Shiner. Molly supports Buddy when he decides to be brave and apologize.

Will Shiner forgive Buddy? Will Molly be left behind as the other two friends hop off to play? Journey through the colorful bunny playroom to find out.

With beautiful illustrations, Making Friends With Feelings inspires children and adults to be brave enough to talk about their feelings and to listen with compassion and kindness. 


Keith and I each personally struggled with identifying and expressing our emotions well into adulthood. We each believe that life would have been a little bit easier if we had learned how to embrace emotions rather than being taught to "stuff them down" and ignore them.

This is why we want to help children learn the skills to recognize, understand, and effectively communicate their emotions and feelings. At different times in our lives, we each faced depression and suicidal thoughts.  While we experienced similar emotions, feelings, and thoughts, our struggles and healing paths have been very different.

Even still, each of us experiences the occasional struggle. We keep meeting those challenges with increased self-awareness, new skill sets, courage, and vulnerability.

With this book, and all the stories we intend to share, we hope to pass along what we’ve learned. We would love to inspire others to create the same safe, loving environment... focusing inside themselves first, and then to share that gift with those they love.


Our 8.5" x 8.5" hardback, 1st edition, will be ready to ship on December 12, 2022. Until then, visit our book website to get to know us, learn about Beth's real-life pet rabbits, and how they inspired Keith to lovingly create our first three bunny characters. 

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