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Chai's Brave Bunny Fund

We are all so happy to see Chai Bun improving! I talked to Chai's momma, and we decided to try something a little different for donations to help her.

As a gift from our brave bunny, Molly, to one of the world's favorite brave bunnies.. Chai.. we're introducing the "Brave Bunny Fund" starting with Chai. 

Buy a copy of "Making Friends with Feelings" ( yourself or a loved one, and add this "$5 product" and we'll send $5 USD of the purchase price to Chai's momma to help cover her vet bills. 

We'll try this for up to 100 books. Add this "product" and a book to your cart and use code "BRAVE BUNNY" at checkout.

We haven't done very much international shipping yet, so please be patient with us for non-US destinations. 

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